Corporate advisory services

What we offer

We serve both small business and middle market companies, as well as individuals.

A large percentage of our clients are referred to us by our former clients, or through financial and legal professionals, such as investment bankers, accountants and solicitors, who recognise the need for specialised, expert advice to meet the particular needs and/or objectives of their clients.

Our policy is to identify the optimum and most efficient way to assist you to meet your business objectives. We are able to provide senior-level advice to assist you in the raising of capital, including private equity, subordinated loans and venture capital, disposals of surplus assets/operations, business for sale and business management advice.

Our specialties, which can be equally applied to most industries, are:

  • Selling businesses, e.g. SME and/or surplus operating divisions in middle market companies (net worth $1M+)

  • Advice on how to buy a business

  • Business valuations

  • Identifying suitable businesses for sale (SME)

  • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) of middle market companies

  • Capital raising assistance, including private equity and venture capital

  • Re-financing advice and/or re-negotiating existing credit lines

  • Business management analysis, including the preparation of Business Plans and Sales and Marketing Plans

  • Disposal of surplus and/or superseded assets

The various roles outlined in this website are indicative of the range of services offered by us.

Any particular appointment, service or assignment agreed to be undertaken by the firm on behalf of a client is subject to a written Agency or Consultancy Agreement, whichever is applicable, duly executed by both parties prior to any work commencing.

The applicable Agreement will set out, in addition to other relevant matters, the scope of the work to be undertaken, terms of engagement and the agreed basis of determination of the amount of any negotiated success fee, advance retainer and/or monthly retainer and/or reimbursement of authorised expenses, showing when such amounts are due and payable.

P W Bagnall Pty Limited (ABN 53 004 914 630), trading as Bagnall Associates, is a NSW registered Business Broker and Real Estate Agent, Lic. No 248301

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